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Whether your interests lie in electronic check conversion using the newest imaging technology, simple risk avoidance via paper-based check approval, electronic ATM payroll cards, or one of our unique “All-In-One” combination gift and loyalty card programs, Zero Fee Commerce is helping business change the way it operates – implementing enhanced check fraud algorithms, focusing on new customer marketing strategies, maximizing untapped opportunity, protecting profits and increasing revenues. And that is no small change.

Zero Fee Commerce is a direct Visa® and MasterCard® credit card processor. We serve the payment needs for merchants and merchant associations. More
Zero Fee Commerce serves independent sales organizations. Our extensive knowledge, competitive pricing and cutting edge products equal more sales and higher margins for your sales office. More
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    China’s regulators have revealed that the country will be moving away from setting sharp growth targets at its biggest banks, in an effort to increase lending to small businesses (SMBs). In the past, small businesses have been impacted more by the government’s efforts to reduce financial risk, with banks hesitant to lend money to these […]
  • Sis-id, Tradeshift Team Up Against Payments Fraud
    Fraud protection company Sis-id and supply chain and marketplace company Tradeshift announced on Wednesday (Nov. 13) a partnership to help with the risks and costs associated with payments fraud. The collaboration resulted in an app that’s available in the Tradeshift app store. The My Sis-id app combines a data analysis engine which lets businesses combine […]
  • LINE App, Yahoo Japan Plan Merger
    Yahoo site operators in Japan and messaging app LINE are looking to merge into a “super appâ€� that would combine retail, finance and a slew of other services, according to reports. Yahoo Japan is backed by SoftBank, which has a 45 percent stake in the company’s parent, Z Holdings. NAVER, a South Korean company, owns […]
  • McDonald’s Kiosks Useless To 8.4M Unbanked US Households
    Fast food giant McDonald’s is facing backlash over its push to install touch-screen kiosks in a majority of its stores, according to a report by Bloomberg. The kiosks don’t help the significant portion of McDonald’s customers who don’t have debit or credit cards, which is about 8.4 million of U.S. households. The kiosks are in […]
  • Goldman To Offer Shared Apple Cards For Families
    Goldman Sachs, in response to criticism that its algorithm for setting credit limits varies wildly between men and women, even if they are husband and wife (and the wife has a better credit score), said on Wednesday (Nov. 13) that it’s going to allow households to share an Apple Card credit line, according to a […]
  • Brian Holloway, America’s #1 Most Requested Motivational Team Builder, to Speak at deBanked CONNECT Miami
    Salespeople, are you ready for… Total Market Domination?!?! Stanford All-American, 5 time NFL All-Pro, and All-Star front line competitor Brian Holloway will be speaking at deBanked CONNECT Miami on January 16th, two weeks before the Super Bowl takes place just down the road. deBanked CONNECT is taking place at the Loews in South Beach. Last […]
  • BFS Capital Hires New COO
    BFS announced this morning that it has hired Brian Simmons as its new Chief Operating Officer. The news come as the company is preparing for the North American launch of its tech platform in December, a move that is part of BFS’s vision to become a more customer-focused business. This planned “journey,â€� as CEO Mark […]
  • Costs, Losses Soar At StreetShares
    StreetShares increased revenue by nearly 40% year-over-year, according to the company’s latest fiscal year 2019 filing, but costs soared and increased by almost 90%. StreetShares reported a staggering $12.3M loss on only $4.4M in revenue. That loss was much wider than the previous year’s loss of $6.5M on $3.2M in revenue. Whereas startups may spend […]
  • Funding Circle UK Referring Some Large Loan Applicants to Competitors
    Funding Circle UK has begun to refer applicants seeking an amount above their maximum loan size limit of £500,000 to Iwoca, MarketInvoice and French bank BNP Paribas, The Sunday Times reported. Previously, Funding Circle would just turn them away.
  • 2019 Top 25 Executive Leaders in Lending – Canadian Lenders Association – Presented By BMO
    The Canadian Lenders Assocation (CLA) received 124 nominations for these awards from leaders in lending across the country. The CLA’s goal is to support access to credit in the Canadian marketplace and champion the companies and entrepreneurs who are leading innovations in this industry. The Top 25 ï¬�nalists in this report represent various innovations in […]