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Zero Fee Commerce is a direct Visa® and MasterCard® credit card processor. We serve the payment needs for merchants and merchant associations. Zero Fee Commerce serves the following industries:

  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • C-store/ petroleum
  • Grocery stores
  • Hotels
  • E-Commerce
  • B2B

We are a single source payment processor.

Increasing Revenues

Beyond the benefits of direct Visa MasterCard pricing, when Zero Fee Commerce is your payment processor, we incorporate financial and marketing tools with our payment processing services to dramatically increase your sales. Such services include Bank Transaction’s various retail financing programs, gift and stored value card programs, and corporate and fleet card processing services.

Customer Service

Zero Fee Commerce makes your payment processing easy. Our customer service is second to none. There is 24 hour, 7 day a week customer support. Our statements are easy to read, clear and transparent. There is also real-time internet reporting available. In addition, there is always an assigned agent to your merchant account who will assist you with any need from start to finish.

High Speed Commerce

Fast transactions times and fast deposit times can make a difference in your business’s performance. Making sure your cash flow is uninterrupted is our commitment to you. Zero Fee Commerce utilizes redundant, host capture networks for front end and back end credit card processing. This allows Zero Fee Commerce to fund your merchant account within 24 hours. Additionally, Zero Fee Commerce offers high speed internet communication and satellite communications for those businesses wishing to increase transaction times.

Protecting Against Fraud

Payment processing is not without risk. Card holders and check writers may charge back transactions or pass fraudulent checks. For telephone order, mail order, and e-commerce clients, Zero Fee Commerce protects your business with address verification software programs, and smart internet gateways. Merchants accepting checks will have access to all the national banking databases and networks to protect against fraudulent check writers.

Zero Fee Commerce is a direct Visa® and MasterCard® credit card processor. We serve the payment needs for merchants and merchant associations. More
Zero Fee Commerce serves independent sales organizations. Our extensive knowledge, competitive pricing and cutting edge products equal more sales and higher margins for your sales office. More
Bankers know customers will do business with the financial institutions that can deliver the products they need. More

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